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Year 2011

-Pan fried scallops served with smoked potato pure, pan fried pork belly terrine, classic choucroute, estragon, apple, lemon emulsion spheres, fume & mustard creamed foamed sauce, fresh apple sphere, red Swedish sea weed celeriac, big celeriac tine crispy tuile.-Pan-fried halibut, pan fried wraps stuff with fresh mango brunoise, chutney, pickle red chili, crush salted peanuts, caramelized endive, pan-fried confit potato, mango vadouvan chutney coulee, cardamom & carrot pure, pickle carrots heart, pluck Thai basilica.-Pan-fried place served with prawns cocktail pluck rosenkål, Swedish prawns, pluck dill, asparagus potato shallots chop parsley.-Pan-fried red snapper served with smoke cheese potato mash, butter fried spiskål, butter fried confit radish & crudity, lemon jam spheres, saffron bread tuile, dill oil, pluck dill.-Pan fried place, spiskål crudity, mix with a sugar cure rhubarb, brown butter mayonnaise, salted lemon skin julienne, new potato tossed with chop parsley and fin brunoise shallots.-Pan-fried turbo served with a white bean cassoulet, fried squid, pluck mussel, deep-fried angel hair potato, leeks hash, pluck salturt & red cress.-Pan-fried plaice served with smoke mussel mayonnaise, brown butter, pluck mussel, marinated fresh peas, pickle new onion,san Marzano tomatoin tomato caramel, pluck peas shots & flower, serve a side new potato tossed in butter chop dill, shallots.-Bake lemon sole 140g served with fry prawns 2 X 25g / stk and foam, caramelized cauliflower pure and crudity, heart salad, cream of smoke cheeses lemon jus, sautéed skvalder kål, pluck mustard strand.-Pan-fried mackerel served with fried mushrooms, brown butter, shallots & morel vinaigrette, fresh raspberries, lemon zest, butter poached white asparagus tips, warm white asparagus chiffon & crudity, fried new potato and sauteed strand portulack.-Fried monkfish served with a crispy rye bread tuile cold smoke monkfish Carpaccio, hip berries marmalade + emulsion, Jerusalem artichokes soup (fish stock) & crudity, preserve strand portulack & red Swedish sea wet).-Pan-fried plaice served with pluck Brussels sprout leaves, comfit red baby beetroots olive oil garlic, deep-fried onion rings, brown butter vadouvan, asparagus potato toasted in brow butter and chop shallots & løvstike.-Bake cod fish coated with a brown sesame crust served with smoke potato mouse, confit red pepper chiffon, preserved Salsify panned in leeks hash & malt fin crumble, sautéed octopus in Persillade, pluck borage cress.

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