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Year 2010

-Butter cook spicekål, served on a smoked mash poteto, cover with a thin malt bread, rasp oil mayonnaise, fresh radish as crudity, pickel botana onion, carrots rondelle, shallots rings, honey bread diced and roasted in the pan.-Pan-fried lemon sole coated with thin slice of toast bread serve with new potato, sauce nage (celeriac juice reduce down with mussel marinière jus mounted butter), (blanche carrots, peas, salturt, pluck mussels), pluck peas shots, chop ramsløg and celery crudity.-Plaice, prawns cocktail and heart salad, Mayonnaise dressing made with tomatoconcasse, pluck dill, grill lemon, blanche asparagus potato, Brunoise of shallots and dill.-Bake halibut served with carrots puree and pickle carrots heart, salad of grated eggs white, small dice crouton, chop shallots onion, dill, mix with butter, cucumber bolls, confit potato in rasp oil and thyme, rosemary garlic.-Bake hake, served with grated cauliflower & pickle stem and broccoli couscous marinade in rasp oil, Pan-fried white asparagus, oyster hollandaise chiffon, pluck borage cress, radish & asparagus crudity, crispy skin.-Pan-fried plaice served with butter fried new onion, mix salad (heart, felt, mango salad) marinade in cure stinkers berries, and balsamic vinaigrette, deep fried capers, new potato, tossed with shallots, and chop parsley, serve a part.-Pan-fried place served with brown butter, chop capers, lemon zest, chop parsley, asparagus potato tossed with chop shallots, butter, pluck parsley.-Pan-fried monkfish tail, fried baby fennel & crudity, potato cream, brown butter, ginger, soya, sesame chiffon, and salad of green, red sea weed puff pastry tuile.-Roast cod fish coated with parsley crust, served with classic choucroute, blanche carrots, celeriac, fried potato, mussel fume and wole grain mustard sauce.

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