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Year 2009

-Kulmule tartarparsley, lemon zest, garlic (wrapped in toasted bread ballotine) and Norwegianlobster tail around 50g (served in the shell)served on parsley puree,pan-fried ricotta cheese gnocchi andNorwegian lobster meat from the claws, glazedSalsifyin lobster bisque, concasse of tomato in a chiffon and caviar of aubergine.-Ballotine of cod wrapped in Parma ham served with fried tarragon polenta, poched quaile eggs with yolkes (smiling), marinade fennel and chilli jam, fried cod skin and sautéed portulack.(served in oval plate).-Pan-fried pave of sandart, served with choucroute with fried smoked maw (roasted root vegetable carrots, celeriac, ect..), with braised ventreche, oyster hollandaise chiffon, Pan-fried confit potato.-Pan-fried Plaice served with a salted lemon , parsley, and savoy cabbage salad, salted roast hazelnuts, rasp oil mayonnaise with a taste of hazelnuts oil, new potato on the side served with brunoise of shallots, parsley, butter.-Butter-fried plaice served with vadouvan brown butter sauce topped withpakchoyand herbssalad and, new potato with chopped shallots.-Pan-fried Turbotserved on a white beancassouletwith braised leeks, diced carrots, clams, fried fresh octopus (cook with creamed light mussel jus) bacon foam. Baby basilica. Dust of Bacon salt.-Roasted lemon sole(140g / portion)served with onion puree, spinach and silver beet ravioli (parmesan,pints) served with butter poached bouquet of broccoli, slice broccoli roots salads , apple pearls, scoop fresh apple and apple vinegar and reduction of chicken stock monte brown butter sauce.-Roasted cod with a black olive crust, sauteed green cabbage, chorizo pomme hanna, balsamic reduction.-Pan-fried place “brow butter” served with salad of beet-root, shallots rings and deep-fried capers, salted lemon, asperges potato served on the side with shop shallots and parsley leaves.-Pan-fried monkfish served with a potato salad whole grain mustard, veal tongue and preserved leeks, mustard foam.-Butter-fried plaice served with fried spinach, pickle Pearl onion and pluck dill (chop dill and shallots served with the new potato).(served in oval plate).-Bake cod, parmesan and parsley crust served with a pumpkin pickle, puree, pan-fried and salted seed, herb salad, croquette of jerusalem artichoke gnocchi, confit garlic and parsley puree.-Helstegt rødspætte m/ syltede perleløg og persille:-Pan-fried monkfish jaw/tail(120g/ stk), bake roasted red and yellow beet root, potato and goat cheese chiffon, fried wildmushroom (cèpes), potato chips, salad of chervil,tarragon.-Pan-fried halibut cover with a thin slice of toast bread, served with soya beans, green asparagus, fried lardo, fish stock monted butter stew, fresh raspberry, brandade balls of (halibut trimming or cod) panned in parmesan and bread crumble, fried shitake mushroom. (served in flat plate with no hedge).

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