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Tagliatelle served with mussels, and shrimps sauce with pluck mussels, fresh peas, fresh san marzano tomato, chop dill & chives, shaving of Parmesan cheeses.

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Tagliatelle: Blanche the tagilatelle for 4 min in salted boiling water, with a drop of oil, then cold down in ice-cold water, drain and reserve in plastic contender tossed with oil.

Mussels, and shrimps sauce: 5 kg of mussels, 4 dl of Pernod, 4-liter white wine, and vegetable garnish (chop 100g garlic, 1 kg shallots, 500g fennel, 1 kg celeriac, 1 bunch of thyme), 5 kg of shrimps trimmings, 7 liter of 38 % cream, 10g saffron, 2 g of xantana / liter.

Pluck mussels & stock: Wash the mussel for a good 30 min under cold salted water, drain. Now start to fry 500g shallots, with 100g of chop garlic, 1 bunch of chop thyme, then add the mussels, add the white wine and cover up with a lid, then cook up until all the mussel open, sift the jus off, and pluck the mussels out of the shelf and vacuum them in smaller bags.

Now in a pot start sweating of the remaining shallots, fennel, and celeriac, then add the shrimps trimming, then flambé with the Pernod, then cover up with the mussel jus and cook up for a good 10 min at simmering point, add the 38 % cream, and cook up to boiling point, then with the big hand blender ruffle blend the mix, then sift and by liter blind in 2 g of xantana, then add the saffron and cook down to tick consistency, cold down, reserve in vacuum bag 2 liter at the time.

Pluck mussels, slice fresh new onion, fresh peas, blanche green asparagus and fresh slice san marzano tomato: As say, this vegetable garnish is add to the pasta at last, do not over cook it :o). Only the fresh slice new onion is to fry at first.

Chop dill & chives: As say.

Shaving of Parmesan cheeses: As say.

Pluck peas shoots: As say.

A la minute start frying the ruffle chop new onion, then add the reduce mussels and shelf fish stock with a drop of cream and bring to boiling point, now add a hand full of tagliatelle cook to boiling point for a good 2 min then mix in the mussels & vegetable garnish, chop dill & chives, and dress on to the plate as show, finish topping up with parmesan shaving and pluck peas shoots.  

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