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Tagliatelle served with mussels, smoke salmon, thai basilica, mussel and celeriac cream sauce, shave parmesan.



Tagliatelle: Boil the pasta in salted boiling water until al dente, then clod down in ice cold water, drain, mix with oil to evict them to stick to beach other,  then reserve in the plastic gastro tray with a lead in the fridge until needed.

Mussel & celeriac cream sauce: Start like a mussels marinière with a bit more wine than usual (use: 5 kg mussel 4 liter white wine), then pass the juice and reduce by half, peel the mussel out of the shelf and reserve in vacuum bag ready for service. Now you have the reduce mussel juice, you can continue with the rest.

Take some fresh celeriac pill them, and jus them using the juicer from the bar, then add 1 part for the celeriac jus and 1 part of the reduce mussel jus, and cook up with 1 part of cream, this will be you sauce.

Cold smoke salmon: Trim the salmon (bones, and side off), then cure it for 24 hours cover with the salt mix (blind 1kg salt, 500g sugar, 100g start anise, 100g coriander seed, 60g of pepper corn). 

Wash off the salt and dry it in between cloths, and reserve on to flat trays, 2 stk at the time, dispose the trays in a cold oven, Now in a pot on the induction at no 9, start to burn some off the wood smoke powder, until reaching good smoke then add this smoking pot in the bottom of the cold oven cover up with one of the small fin sift, immediately close the door, and start the oven on roast program at 25 degrees, when the thermostat riche 30 degrees stop the oven, then press one time on to the start button, starting the cold down program then let it run until all the smoke as evacuate (around 8 min), then repeat the smoking prose’s tow more time, then cold down in the walking fridge on to trolley for 5 to 6 days unwrapped, then reserve in vacuum bag, and freeze down until needed. when needed defrost, then portion in 0,5 cm slice then again in 1 cm peaces, then reserve in the fridge until needed. 

Thai basilica: Pluck of the red and green leaves, then slice them as a fin julienne and reserve in the fridge until needed.

Shave Parmesan cheese.

For service start up in a pot to warming up around 2 dl of the mussel sauce with 7 pluck mussel and around 50g of slice smoke salmon, then add the pasta, finish steaming in the baby spinach, toss well around and dressing the big deep plate with headge, drizzle some thai basilica and some parmesan shaving, and serve.

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