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“Apple crumble “ apple compote served with bergamot ice cream, Green Apple coulee spheres, Brown streusel & malt crumble, dry slice apple tuile, pluck verbena.

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Apple compote: Pill 1 box of pineapple apple, portion in wedges and trim off the heart, now start a caramel with 2,5 kg of sugar, 2 dl of water when reaching smoking dark caramel add the apple and steer adding 3 slice vanilla pods cook for a good 20 min, to ruff marmalade consistency, then diverse on to gastro tray and cold down, a la minute dress 2 full spoons of the marmalade on to the plate as show.

Bergamot ice cream: 5 liter cream 38%, 5 liter whole milk 3,5 %, 1,5 kg of pasteurized eggs yolks, 1,5 kg of sugar, 25g of Lota, 15 g of bergamot oil.

In a pot mix cream, milk, eggs yolks, sugar, Lota powder, together then lager to 82 degrees, add the bergamot oil and blend, reserve in paco jet contender and cold down at first in the blast chiller for a good hour then freeze down, when needed Pacotise the ice cream and serve as show.

Green Apple coulee spheres: 2 kg of green apple pure, 1 liter of 50% sugar lay, 4 g of xantana, 15g of calcic.

In the thermo blender, blend on full speed for a good 2 min the apple pure, then sift, then blend in the sugar lay, calcic and xantana, to smooth consistency, then reserve in vacuum piping bag in the fridge until needed. When needed diverse in to plastic squeeze bottle and spheres in the align water (if to thick to sphere add some sugar lay). Then sphere in to the algin bass, let them stay in the bass for at lest 4 minute at list 1 cm interval between them, to evict them to stick to each other, then take the sphere out from the algin bass and rinse them in to cold water bass, is easier if you can, to store them individually in silicone sphere maps with water. Need to be done every day fresh. 2-stk portion.

-For the algin bass take 3 liter of UN calcic water from the back off the steamer and blend in 15 g of Algin, reserve over night in the fridge before using it.

Brown streusel crumble: 1kg of cold dice butter, 1 kg brown sugar, 1 kg of flour Tipo 00, 1 kg of almond flour.

Mix all the ingredients together in the bread machine with the leave on, until reaching crumble consistency, then store in the fridge for a hours, then ruffle crumble the dough with your fingers on to a gastro tray lay down with baking paper, and bake at 160 degrees to golden coloration, cold down take half and blend it as a fin crumble and the other half as ruff peace’s and reserve in plastic contender with silicasec until needed.

Malt crumble: 800g of flour, 200 g of malt flower, 1 kg of butter, 1 kg of sugar, 900g of roasted split almond. Combine all the ingredients in the robot and mix with a paddle, then crumble the dough onto a baking sheet and bake it at 165 degrees until cook, and cold down, then finish by blinding the biscuit to a ruff crumble and reserve in plastic contender with silicasec. A la minute for service cover the marmalade with it a layer of this crumble.

Dry slice apple tuile: Wash the discovery apple under cold water and drain now slice in half and thin slice them with the smallest of the slicing machine no 1 and reserve them in to some classic cold sugar lay for a good 5 minute then dress them on to silicon maps and dry them at 75 degrees for 3 hours, then cold down and reserve in plastic contender until needed a la minute dress 2 tuiles as show.

Pluck verbena.

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